Saturday, August 11, 2018

Site Moved to Wordpress

Hi Everyone!

My site has moved to Wordpress!!

check it out!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday Blake

Happy birthday Blake. We celebrated Blakes 3rd birthday with many friends in a park located near Asaka station. Great place for kids. Water splash pad and lots of things for kids to do. Park is called Aobadai Park. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came. 

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Matching Jinbei

Look at these two handsome boys in matching Japanese Jinbei. Jinbei is a traditional summer outfit. 

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Zakuzaku mango parfait

New in japan at zakuzaku is this mango zakuzaku parfait. Zakuzaku in Japanese means crunch. Their main seller is their crunchy cookie with different fillings inside. They also have ice cream and parfaits. Just for summer they have this mango parfait. 

I went to theIkebukuro location. Located B1 Tobu department store near the Ikebukuro west exit. 

With this crazy Tokyo heat defiantly need some ice cream.  
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Long. Longer. Longest.

Another crazy shop in Harajuku! 

Long. Longer. Longest. 
Where everything is long. 

You can choose your length. 

Of course we chose longest. 

They had many different items. We got cotton candy and potato on a stick!  Also available is churros and ice cream. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cake Smash Photography in Tokyo

Here are a few studios I have in the Tokyo area for Cake smash photography.
Still searching for more. If you know of any please send me a message :)

Studio Volpe

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Sailor moon x Sanrio pop up cafe

A while back ago I went to the limited sailor moon x Sanrio pop up cafe in PARCO ikebukuro. 

I got a cafe latte, which you get a random character. And this sandwich set. 

One had berries and cream on it. Other had cheese and ham on it. With a small sweet potato tart and salad. 

It was cute and they had good to buy as well. 
I ended up getting a few stationary items. Things I can use of course ;) 
And you get a free placemat with your order! 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Korean Melon Snow Cone


Located right in front of Harajuku station, is this Korean dining snow cone shop! 
Snow cone...shaved ice?
What do you call this huge ball of delicious. 

Anyway, this is melon strawberry snowflake sherbet which is what I tired. This is the summer limited edition and just came out the day we went. 

Yum!!!! The melon was so juicy!

Little interesting fact...

Name of snow cones around the world. 

USA & Canada
‘Sno Balls’ or ‘Snow Cones’
Mexico & Nicaragua
‘Raspa’ or ‘Raspados’
‘Shave Ice’
‘Gola ganda’ (گولا گنڈ)
‘Ice Gola’ or ‘Chuski’
Malaysia & Singapore
‘Ice Kacangs’
Spain & Cuba
‘Barad’ (ברד)
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic
‘Frío Frío’ (Cold Cold)
 ‘Nam Kang Sai’ (น้ำแข็งไส)
‘Kakigōri’ (かき氷)
‘Patbingsu’ (팥빙수)
‘Bàobīng’ (刨冰)
El Salvador
 ‘Cremolada’ or ‘Raspadilla’
‘Mermelda Con Hielo’ (Ice Jam)
Costa Rica
‘Granizados’ or ‘Copos’ or ‘Churchills’
‘Raspada’ or ‘Cholado’
Caribbean Islands
‘Snow Ball’

As you see on top its a popular Korean boy group picture on top. 

My friend enjoyed the Green tea one. Very Japanese style!

You can check out more of their menu at their site.
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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Coisof Harajuku Ice Cream

Another stop on our exciting Harajuku day trip was Coisof! 

Coisof is located close to the Rainbow Sandwich shop, just located down the street on the corner to the left beside the shop. 

What an adorable shop! They had 3 kinds of ice cream to choose. Also you could get regular and they had a special edition one for the rainy season. The rainy season one is the one I choose. My friend got black sesame seed flavor. Also you can choose between normal waffle cone or a black one. 

Current flavors are 
Black sesame seed
Sesame seed
Any can be mixed.

Also available now a strawberry milk shake like drink.

Inside the shop they have a special corner built for a photoshoot area with your ice cream. 

We had lots of time to take pictures since we were the only people in the shop. It was a wet rainy Wednesday at 1130 and no one was around. 

Coisof is located down Takashita street, pass the 711, then Liz Liza, turn right after the CUTE CUTE shop go down the street. You will it in a back street.
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Disney Sea - 35th Anniversary/star festival

To celebrate my little mans 3rd birthday we went to Disney! The happiest place in the world. We went to Disney Sea because Blake just loves Duffy. Also I want the alcohol. 

Yup. You hear me. Disney Sea sells alcohol. We tried 3 different drinks. 

At the entrance of Disney Sea there is this huge globe. 

 It was the 35th anniversary so try had tons of these golden statues up with different themes relating to the park area. 

Tried a new popcorn flavor. Tokyo Disney is all about the food and popcorn haha. Garlic shrimp. Just like it’s name. But tasty. 
Turned out hotter than we thought so Mickey ice cream. 
Some melon sour cocktail with sour tapioca balls in it. 

Indian jones. 

Found mojitos! The best! 
 Blood orange and pink grapefruit beer cocktail. 
Bought these adorable mickey ears. 
Cotton candy churros. 
Lunch time at Duffy and mickey show and diner. 
Got to stop and smell the flowers. 

Excited he got to meet Duffy. 
In front of Duffy’s place. 

We spent a long day out with the kids and they had a blast! Got to thank my friend for taking us cause I couldn’t do it by myself haha.

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