Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crazy busy

Sorry I haven't been posting my fellow readers! Busy gettig married! But I'm back! Bring on the blogging!

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A few new nail designs

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blocked Nails

Here are the latest nails I did. 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Egypt & Turkey Part 24: Basilica Cistern

 photo DSC_0317.jpg

Laying underneath the city of Istanbul is the Casilica Cistern, it was built in the 6th century.

It able to hold capable of holding 80,000 cubic metres/100,000 tons of water, though at the moment it contains almost no water, with only a few feet of water lining the bottom.

 photo DSC_0318.jpg

 photo DSC_0328.jpg

 photo DSC_0329.jpg

 photo DSC_0330.jpg

 photo DSC_0334.jpg

In the northwest corner of the cistern, the bases of two columns reuse blocks carved with the statue face of Medusa.

No one really knows why the faces are upside down and laying on its side. They say the faces laying down or upside down would be that it would so anyone who looked at her face wouldn't turn into stone.
 photo DSC_0335.jpg

 photo DSC_0337.jpg

Turkey was such a wonderful country, and I saw so many things. It was really hard to leave it and I hope I will be able to visit it again. But now I must say goodbye to Turkey as I head back to Egypt for the final part of my trip.

Farewell Turkey!

 photo DSC_0345.jpg
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Egypt & Turkey Part 23: Hagia Sophia

 photo DSC_0268.jpg

Goodbye Blue Mosque and Hello....

   photo DSC_0262.jpg

Hagia Sophia!

 photo DSC_0265.jpg 

   photo DSC_0266.jpg

Hagia Sophia since 1935 has been a museum.

 photo DSC_0269.jpg

Before that it was a mosque and before that it held its place as a cathedral. 

 photo DSC_0276.jpg

 photo DSC_0272.jpg

Many mosaics. They either depicted the Virgin Mother, Jesus, saints, or emperors and empresses. Other parts of the building have many decorative mosaics.

 photo DSC_0286.jpg 

   photo DSC_0288.jpg

Hagia Sophia has so much history that you would need so much time to concept it all. There was actually two other churches built at the same place, both destroyed. The first collapsed and the second one was burnt. 

 photo DSC_0295.jpg  photo DSC_0301.jpg

Hagia Sophia, when it was first built was used as a "Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God". It was a Roman Catholic Cathedral until 1453, when Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mehmed II. He ordered the main church of the Orthodox Christianity to be converted into a mosque. The church was put into complete disrepair. All the bells, altars, and other sacrificial vessels and relics were removed. They removed or plastered over all the mosaics of Jesus, his Mother Mary, the Christian angels and saints. 

Islamic features were added and it remained a mosque until 1931 when it was closed to public and reopened in 1935, four years later, as a museum by the Republic of Turkey.

 photo DSC_0303.jpg  photo DSC_0305.jpg

Back in the 1930's, a major part of the mosaics were rediscovered and they still continue now to restore the plastered mosaics. 

 photo DSC_0308.jpg  photo DSC_0315.jpg

 photo DSC_0313.jpg

Now we must say goodbye to Hagia Sophia, and our next stop is where?

   photo DSC_0316.jpg
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Egypt & Turkey Part 22: Obelisk of Theodosius

 photo DSC_0260.jpg

In front of the Blue Mosque is the Hippodrome, now called Sultan Ahmet Square. 

The Hippodrome was a sporting and social center. A popular place for horse and cart racing.

In the center of the square there is the Obelisk of Theodosius. 

   photo DSC_0258.jpg 
Here is the base of the Obelisk of Thutmosis

   photo DSC_0257.jpg 
 Here you have Obelisk of Theodosius.

Theodosius the Great, in 390 brought this obelisk from Egypt and put it inside the racing track. It is all carved from pink granite, it was cut into three pieces, and now only two parts of it survive. The bottom and the top of the obelisk. It is over 3500 years and still in amazing condition. 

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Egypt & Turkey Part 21: Istanbul Blue Mosque

 photo DSC_0202.jpg 

The famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul was our next stop. Long streets with tons of shops and cafes, we were followed by the locals who were offering trinkets as we walked toward the Mosque. 

   photo DSC_0204.jpg

A bright sunny day in Istanbul. 

 photo DSC_0207.jpg 

Hello Blue Mosque!

   photo DSC_0213.jpg

 photo DSC_0221.jpg

Inside the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior giving it its name 'Blue Mosque'. Its actually name is The Sultan Ahmed Mosque. 

 photo DSC_0227.jpg

 photo DSC_0230.jpg 

You can see the blue light up behind us. Gorgeous! 

   photo DSC_0229.jpg

 photo DSC_0234.jpg 

   photo DSC_0247.jpg

 photo DSC_0248.jpg
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Egypt & Turkey Part 20: Istanbul and Turkish bread

 photo DSC_0188.jpg

Back in Istanbul we traveled around to a few touristy spots. But not before enjoying a delicious breakfast at our hotel.

 photo DSC_0189.jpg

 photo DSC_0190.jpg

We sat by waterside, the weather was beautiful in September. 

 photo DSC_0191.jpg

 photo DSC_0194.jpg

Enjoying some Apple Tea and a Turkish bread pasty. 

   photo DSC_0196.jpg

Of course stopped at some souvenir shops. 

 photo DSC_0197.jpg

 photo DSC_0199.jpg

And it is lunch time! I swear I must have gained 10lbs during this trip with all the bread and food. Turkish people love bread and pastry products!

 photo DSC_0198.jpg
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