Saturday, March 31, 2007

First day in Japan

I woke up early to the sound of vehicles passing outside my window, and I had 2 hours to kill. I decided to just relax and go on the computer. I finally packed everything up and was back on the road. I had a nice conversation with the taxi driver about Elvis and Hank Snow I believe, I guess he was NS…? I got to the baggage claim to pick up my missing suitcase, but it seems the taxi driver dropped me off at the international part and not the domestic part. So then I had to run through the whole airport to get my suitcase then run back to check in at International check in. I was through security without much challenge this time, no pat downs or bag checks, thank god, and I was on my merry way. After the long 3-hour wait for boarding, I was on this massive plane that was bigger than my old high school it seems. I was sitting beside a girl from Texas moving to Okinawa for military. I was lucky to only have one seat partner and we got alone fine. United Airlines is not so bad, the meals were how you would say… edible; each seat had their own mini tv which you could change movies on each one through-out your flight. Plenty of snacks, but not so much room to sleep and move around. I smacked my knees there a few times, that’ll leave a bruise tomorrow. 12.5 hours later, a couple naps, and a bruise later we arrive in the Kansai International Airport. I just followed the people and jumped on a shuttle to the arrivals and customs. I really was surprised how easy it was to get through customs and baggage; Japan airports are a lot better than the US airports 100% better.

I highly recommend if you are traveling to Japan this month to purchase the Seishun Juhachi Kippu it allows you to travel anywhere in Japan (on the JR line) for 5 different days for only 8000yen. So you can travel like myself from Osaka to Tokyo for only 8000yen. Even though it’s a 9 hour train ride, it’s a lot cheaper. You could do this 5 times if you wanted. But a hour later I finally hit the town for my hotel. Of course…I can’t find it, no one knows where it is, so I said screw it and went next door to the subway and got a room (the price of taking a taxi and a different room evens out) so here I am stealing internet and watching some weird Japanese tv show…they are running on a treadmill and answering questions and after each question it goes faster, there’s a pool behind them and if they can’t keep up they fall into the pool O.o; My supper consisted of sushi, orange juice and melon bread. Yum. Have to get up at 5 to grab the train to Tokyo!

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