Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving to Japan

After a restless night of rolling around in bed, trying to make my brain stop it’s infernal chaos of swirling thoughts, I finally fell into a restless sleep at one in the morning only to wake 3 hours later to my mother waking me up to get ready for my long trip. I did the usual routine; bathroom, change and my daily check of email; just as it was any other day; before we headed out to pick up .

After a quick stop at the essential Tim Horton’s for you’re daily intake of caffeine and a quick hug and goodbye from my co-workers we were on the road. The sun has yet to think of rising, and the streets were empty. As we drove down the highway, with the sun slowly rising from behind, listening to the mix CD I made the night before, I still feel like it’s the same day as every other day.

Just when the sun finally ascended, the site of planes flying in the air was in our sight. Climbing the stairs into the new part of the Halifax airport for US Clearance we made our way to the incredibly short line for United Express – This line was actually just made of me. I was surprised when they didn’t charge me extra for my over heavy suitcase that was my life and let me pass through onto baggage check. It seems today I was the one to be picked on and my bag was to have a routine check (must have been my fate that the supervisor was doing a check at the moment I was there), but everything went well and here was the last time I was to see my mom. My friend and I gabbed for a bit while mom went off for a min and took a few pictures and chatting about nonsense till she arrived back. It was time to enter customs, and time to say goodbye. She told me she wouldn’t cry but she did, which in turn made me shed a few tears, but I gave a final hug and a goodbye and walked down the path of glory, into the United States. My luck has just started when I was search in yet another routine check; I don’t know why but the states appears to me like a prison, wait in the line with your number, shoes, coat, belt, hat, everything must go. Pulled to the side, being treated by most like a criminal about to deceive them all, my bags being pulledinside and out, and being patted down from head to toe. The ladies doing the search were reasonably nice and actually talked to me like a human being. But in due time I was cleared and continued my travels farther into the airport. After a quick kiss in the air and a wave goodbye I was gone.

After cat napping through the first flight to Washington, which was behind schedule, I ran through airports and traveled on shuttles to catch my next flight to San Francisco. I managed to find myself having no one sitting beside me on either flight. Finally I arrived in California to a wet and mild climate, and off on the venture to get my luggage, to find that they put it on the later flight and I would have to wait an extra hour, so I decided to learn it there and pick it up when I go back tomorrow. There was no shuttle for my hotel, so I had to get a taxi and venture up the road for food. A bubble bath and a full tummy later, sleep and preparing for tomorrows adventure.

I really don't know why I wrote it this way, I was bored on the plane lol Right now I'm currently laying on this massive kind bed in my panties! muhahah I have no cloths b/c of stupid airport >.< but it's always fun. My hair is sooo going to be awful tomorrow b/c of no products, not even conditioner. Gah the horror. No pics of me tomorrow, thank god for the wonders of hats.


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