Saturday, April 7, 2007

First time teaching at a Japanese school

Alright, it's been a few days so I thought I might as well post.

I have been having meetings (no pay ones) everyday so far. Which sucks b/c each end up being a few hours long. Monday's was to get my schedule for the year and meet other COSMO teachers, and then Tuesday was a couple hours for the new Cosmo teachers and today the new Sensei's had to go to the School Board and introduce ourselves to the head honcho. Not only did we have to introduce ourselves, we had to do a short 5 min demo of a lesson we would do in our class. Myself and another guy were given a paper to do for our lesson the other 3 had to do their introduction lesson for the demo. I was nervous! My hands were shaking. The head teacher laughed at me afterwards, but just in good fun. I sorta blanked when I got up there. I had to read a "do it take" about Window's being open and how it was cold. The thing is you do your demo to the head board and he's in his late 40's wearing a suit and speaks barely any English.

I pretended to walk into the class, spoke loud (a little too fast, but I can get better) and introduced myself and jumped into the lesson. It was basically me just reading the line then getting them to repeat it. The sentence was something like "Let's close the window, it is as cold as a fridge in here" and then I got the head board asking what the sentence meant and what is a fridge and -.-;; my poor nerves. I was the only one who had questions asked during my demo.

I don't think it'll be as hard sitting in a class of grade 7's-9's than a couple middle aged, suit-wearing men, pretending they are kids. But they said I did ok. So it's all good.

Afterwards I ended up eating at Hard Rock cafe...let's say their French toast was one slice and I could do better. XD I was convinced to join Tipness Gym with a few other Teachers and to participate in the Head teachers boyfriends Yoga class and I found they have a wicked gym's all across Tokyo and I can go to anyone with my card. It is expensive, but if these guys go as much as they were saying, I'll be going to a couple hours of gym time at least 5 days a week. So I'll get my money worth. Also I wanted to try yoga out and I can go swimming or take any class they offer in any gym for no extra charge. I want to start running again as well, so I'll prob head to the one in Shinjuku tomorrow and do a little bargain shopping. my roommate told me that the Lumine store has some good sales, so I'll venture there.

On friday I have to go and meet with one of my schools VP and HRT as well as the other teachers of that school. Yea more bloody time from me.

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