Sunday, April 29, 2007 hugs

The last few days has been a lot of fun. I have tons of pictures to post. So this is going to be a long post. ^^


After the gym Saturday I went with friends to this random place in the middle of no where, a Korean restaurant where you play Jong-Ken-Pong with the waiter to win free ice cream and with the drinks you buy you can win bingo of a 50 dollar bar tab. It was lots of fun, and I even tried Frog which tastes like chicken, and made a penis ice cream. XP Today I met up with a friend who is here in Japan till may to go to Harajuku and there we just wondered around. Went to the bridge where all the cosplayers hang out and a bunch had signs with "Free Hugs" so my friend go a hug with all of them XD. Walked more, down this road where there was a temple and a wedding going on. Had some Takoyaki and Yakisoba and ended up in this huge park with tons of street performers which I have videos of. But just look at the pictures XD I'm too lazy to type more right now.








Japanese wedding



Street Performers


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