Saturday, April 7, 2007

My first Hanami

This weekend was a ball of fun. I left Saturday morning to go to my friends place who lives far out of Tokyo, but she picked me up at a station with her car, which was when we went and picked up her sister and 1 year old nephew and went to the ofuruyasan XD yup I went to a public bath. It was the most naked girls I have ever seen! O.O Sugai It was relaxing though, went in the osen after cleaning and stayed there for a while. After that we went to the ozushiyasan (turning sushi) I tried a bunch of sushi and it was really oishii. Went back to Nolly's where I got to watch Totoro while she cleaned. So cute, but the subtitles were completely off. Even I could tell. Then she continued on with a 3 hour Japanese class for me. My head was ready to explode! Today I had to get up 9am (ya that's early) to make Japanese food, I made... (see pictures below)... I was so surprised I could do it. Nolly made we watch once then do it on my own. Next was picnic time! And wow I met so many new people today. It was amazing. They all spoke no english so I had to speak in Japanese and practice. The kids were so cute and Nana chan called me big sister XD Kawaii. But everyone ended up calling me Rin chan. All in all it was an awesome time, and I am too tired to even write more. I'll just post pictures for you too see. Saturday

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