Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vending Machines

Well it seems I have an extra week of nothing-ness, since the schools aren't' ready for me yet. How bout some ideas for my introduction of myself to the class? Things about Canada and so on. I went to Shibuya yesterday for a hip hop class, this time I actually started chatting with some girls in the class, a little in Japanese and English. They seemed nice enough; and then met up with Kotaro for a drink, he's working at a corporation and needs to speak English to other clients, and wants to study business English. We went to Fresh Burger and sat there for almost 2 hours chatting. Today I went to Shibuya again for a Jazz dance class and then Catch convinced me to go to Intermediate Aerobics, and I was ready to die. It's bad enough in English, but I was totally lost. It was an experience. I may try again, but maybe beginner class. Here are some pictures from the other day. I made my own Japanese style toast. It's actually really tasty. It has mayo, (usually tomatoes), corn and cheese.

  These are pictures from Ikebukuro.


 The grocery store close to my place.  

 These flowers are located are everywhere. Very pretty.


This is the vending machine. They are located everywhere. Red is for hot drinks and blue is for cold drinks. You can get many different drinks in them. I've seen corn flavour, kitkat drinks, rose tea.


 Here is a tobacco vending machine, they are located everywhere as well. But after midnight they are locked and you're not able to buy any till the morning. 

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