Friday, May 4, 2007

Clam Picking on Golden Week

I'm finally deciding to update today. ^^ since I have a few hours till I have to go to the gym. I'm being so bad and eating Dars Chocolate...but it was cheap and so yummy. But I am seriously going to start this diet...and going to the gym everyday except Sunday (or Thursday) I will choose one of those days, I must go even if it's for 30 mins on the treadmill, I will go!!! XD But anyway about my Golden Week. I was allowed to go home early (30 mins early) on wed and I had tutoring for 3 hours. Thursday I went to a live concert of 4 different artists, which was a lot of fun. Acting like a fool in the park, but all in fun. There was this cutest couple playing on the swings, so cute. After the concert I raced for the train to go to Nollys. I got there and she made me dinner! :D aww but we were up till 2am and we had to get up at 5am to go to Yokohama beach. I woke up to Yuki jumping on me and telling me to wake up. Gah so early. But we picked up Kumi and off we went. It took about an hour to get there by car, and jyutai (traffic jam) didn't help. I took tons of pictures, so I'll post them under here. But there was sooo many people, and it was an extreme amount of fun to go clam picking. I managed to find tons of clams, but ended up giving them to Nolly b/c I don't think people would appreciate the smell of clams on my 1 hour train ride back. After clam picking, they took me to have Udon, which was awesome as well. Next stop was another drive away to this huge rocky lot by a river with rows of Koi flag fish in the air for Children's day (boys day) they put up the koi fish b/c those fish swim up the river and want their children to be strong like them. You get the gist. But I had to head home after that, after sharing a snow cone and Yuki buying me a tiny tiny candy apple as a gift

for me, I was off on the train again.





 Look at all the freakin people!


 I really really!! like how this pic turned out.


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