Friday, June 15, 2007

Dance Event

Gah I am too tired! I WAS going to go to bed at a decent time last night, but instead I didn't get to bed till after 1am. Yesterday I went to the dance performance that my friends from dance class were in. OMG the best performance I've seen.

 It was amazing, awesome, wicked XD you get my point. First was the dance group with 5 of the members in the dance group, they did an amazing job. After them there was a live band on stage who were great. The bassist got picked on because he wore track pants and the other guy was saying it wasn't cool. ^^ When they finished we had an intermission where I ended up chatting with the girls.

Poor Asuka was so scared, but she did a great job. Next we had my dance teacher with 1 other guy and 2 girls up dance. I wish I could dance like that. The 2 girls were from a 3 part member group. They were awesome. I would expect them to be really popular. They sing and they dance hip hop. Their choreographing is amazing and to do that many songs while singing and dance. I'm awe-struck. They were gorgeous too! So everyone gets a break after that, and they play a game, where you have to do Jon Ken Pon and the last 4 winners get gifts from the 4 groups that performed.

 The final group had 2 of my dance instructors in it and I couldn't stop laughing when I seen them. These guys were hilarious! I guess they have a CD in Tower Records too, may have to check it out ^_^ Both the guys wearing the glasses are my dance instructors.



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