Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kitkat Katalogue - Kiwifruit

It seems the sun has come out after a long time. Usually everyday has been rain clouds, and humid days. Now it's humid days but with sun. It's nice to see after a while. Yesterday I had a lot of fun. I went off for lunch with Chelsea and then we went to work, which was an adventure, it turns out that we are supposed to do it today and not yesterday, we went out there for nothing. At least we all had a good laugh and amused ourselves. But the bus driver was not amused since he kept giving us evil glares and telling us not to talk on the bus. I went to dance later that night, and it was a lot of fun. I really need to practice more to become better. I really want to get better than what I am now.

 Today I got to sleep in, it's such a gorgeous day! The sun is out, and no rain. Still humid, but more of a summer day heat, than a rainy humid day. Which will be tomorrow and the day after. I had work today and we got to play games (just the teachers) while waiting till it was our turn to play with the 4 and 5 year olds. there was 8 teachers and we just started playing games from high school and junior high. Who remembers the beaver song anyway? I forget it! But all we had to do was play with the kids for 20mins and we got to eat curry and rice (very sweet since it's for kids too) but all in all a great day of fun. I'm actually just writing bits and pieces of this post when I come home to change for each job. ^^ right now I'm going to go off to my other part time job. Here we have in the picture "Kiwi Kit kat" which was actually tasty. Surprisingly so.

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