Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mt Fuji

The last few days I've been so tired. I finally was able to upload all my pictures. But I won't post them all here. Since I'm sure all those with dial up internet would kill me ^^ I had work on Saturday from 10-12 then I ran home and changed and made it to the train on time to meet Chelsea.




Nolly and I were the obaa-san's of the group 

The young-un's


 Eating Udon before going up the Mountain


 Nolly and I taking a nap on the bus.


 The starting point.


 Mushroom green tea.


 Giving our wishes to the shrine.


It was really foggy on the way up.



 But the view was amazing 


We made it to our first stop.


  The water was getting more and more expensive as you went up the mountian.


 I was kind and gave everyone who was resting some chocolate. Chelsea wanted my last piece XD 



 Night time came, and it was getting cold.


 It started to rain... :( and did it ever rain. It down poured. Just lovely walking in the pitch dark and it's down pouring. 



We stopped over at the lodge and stayed there for a few hours. But it was rather odd. You go in and strip off your wet cloths. And they lead up into this room where the floor was all futon, and it was like a huge bunk bed house. We had to climb up this small step later to a 3rd level to sleep in our sleeping bag. I couldn't sleep because the people beside us were talking and I was cold and wet. We then started up the mountain again. We stop to watch the sun rise. 







8.5 level. We went up to level 10





We made it!



 Look at the chip bag and how the pressure affected it.


The crater...Mount Fuji is actually an active volcano and scientists are predicting some action from it in the next few years.


 Then we started our decent down. The clouds were rolling in as we were going down.


 The whole way down was just a large path that had loose gravel and you slide down the whole way. I wish I had taken a sled to slide down the hill. Would have been easier. The dirt flying from people walking or running past you was awful. I had to use my towel around my face so I wouldn't breath in the dirt. But my eyes got a lot of dirt. 




We made it to the end! Our treat was ice cream. I had pineapple ice cream. 

On Sunday I arrived back from mount Fuji and I went home and showered. Then I felt a lot better after being clean and I went down to get MacDonald's to get food,but ended up going to Tomochika's live. Ended up being fed from Kumi and Shin so I didn't really need to buy any food. XD Monday I had work all day and was going to dance class but I took a nap at 7 and woke up at 7am the next day. Nice nap XD Today I had my Japanese lesson in Shinjuku and went to lunch with Catch and Greg and then I had my dance class tonight. It was rather risky since my body was still sore. But it turned out well since the stretching and everything was good for my body. I got to see my friends at dance. It's been a while. Then I had my private lesson. Now off to bed. Night!

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