Monday, August 6, 2007

Obon and Yukatas

こんにちは皆! I am here sitting on my deck now posting this, stealing some random internet connection again. But it's really hot right now. I'm afraid to look at the temperature today.

So I booked it to Ikebukuro where we went out for dinner Friday night. It was so nice to sit down and relax after a long day...wait I mean, a long couple months of work. Saturday I had my part time job, and then I did laundry (since I was running out of socks XD) later that night I went to Tomochika street performance. But he wasn't allowed to perform until later so we talked for over an hour. I got to practice my Japanese :D I went to dance class which was tons of fun as usual. But of course difficult and tiring. Seou-sensei asked if I wanted to be in the next dance group they put together. I said of course. I'm really excited now to dance with all my friends together in a concert. I will do my best! がんばります~^-^  

Bon Odori and Japanese festivals My friends Shuffles and Smuffle :p are down visiting Japan for a month, so they asked me to the a festival with them down in Meguro. I said sure. We got ready at my place...putting the Yukata's (Traditional Japanese dresses) on for the first time. We had no clue how to tie the bow; but once we went the to festival we were rampaged by the old ladies who decided to help us and no embarress ourselves and re-did all of our yukata's and bows (obi). It was malarious. I could not stop laughing. The ladies were wonderful and we found out they are tea ceremony teachers and after they fixed us up they asked for our pictures. When we were walked down the street of all the stalls and booths everyone wanted to talk to us. They would all yell out "Kiraii!" You look beautiful and we got a lot of free food and items. There was even 2 little boys asking if we wanted to buy beer to us. ^___^ We would have random people come up and ask for our pictures or just to talk to us; like "Where are you from" and so on.

Here's a little One Point Lesson for Japanese Summers

 肝試し:Kimodameshi:Testing your courage. People are forced to go to graveyards, Haunted houses or abandoned buildings at night.
浴衣:Yukata:Summer-style kimono made of cotton. Some people wear it after they take a bath. Woman perfer to wear colorful yukata when they go to festivals or fireworks.
花火大会:Hanabitaikai: Fireworks festivals
かき氷:Kakigori: Snow cones. They're shaved ice covered in syrup.
盆踊り: Bon Odori: Traditional Japanese dance which people dance to music in summer festivals. Each city has their own local dance and children learn the dance at school.

 熱帯夜: Nettaiya: Nights which temperatures don't fall lower than 25C. It's humid and unpleasant.
湯涼み: Yusuzumi: To make yourself cool, we sit outside or go out to feel cool breeze.
風鈴:Furin: Wind bells which people usually hang from the eaves of their house during summer, that make a pleasant sound when blown by the breeze.
入道雲: Nyudougumo: Cumulus clouds, which are large banks of white clouds.
せみ: Semi: Cicadas

Later during that day there was Bon Odori, where we participated in and I had one lady telling the rest of ladies I was very skilled in the dance. It was an amazing time. After we put on the Yukata's...we were so proud. XD




 Picking up yo-yo's from the water. I was very skilled I guess. I got 5 of them, and poor sam only got one (for free :P) We also go free popcorn and snow cones.




Traditional Japanese lanterns.


The old ladies fixing Nicole's Yukata.


 The finished product.


Break time for our feet and snack time


 These pictures are of the bon odori dancers.

  This girl had the same Yukata as me. XD





We finally got to sit down after the dancers finished, but then the drums set up and we were really close. But they were amazing.



 My favorite Yo-Yo


They had ponies too. The poor person who had the job to clean up the poop from them. The poor guy.


 The traditional dance started up. But this is for people to join and learn.

 Little girl dancing the traditional dance. She's so cute in her Yukata. And a little boy playing with his yo-yo in front of us. kawaii ne~

Here are some puri-kura we did after the festival. I had to show a friend my Yukata then we changed and watched a street performance and ate Ramen XD


Here are some puri-kura from the other night with Sue who is now in Kyuushu...poor dear.

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