Monday, August 27, 2007

Roppongi Obon Odori

Saturday night I went to the Roppongi Hills Summer Festival with my dance group. We all went to see our dance teacher dancing the Doreamon dance on the main stage. He created the dance for the ending theme dance for the tv show.
But most of us all went in Yukata's.

I had work that morning at a private cram school which went well. But it always seems that the younger classes are smarter than the older groups. :/ It's very weird. But I had 3 classes and head back home.. I met up with Arisa in Shinjuku while we just window shopped for a while before we met up with Michiko, who helped me with my Yukata. That was a funny time. We changed in a stall in the mall XD what the people must of thought when we both went in the stall together.

But after a long time she finished. On the way to the station I actually seen Tomochika and Tatsuya and stopped to say hi.
I don't know if it's the weather or just people lately they have been walking really slow. I was in a Yukata and they were walking slower than me. Weird I know.
If you know don't Yukata's make your legs not able to walk large steps. So technically you are taking baby steps.
We made it to Roppongi hills just in time for the dance to start.
Souel Sensei was halarious, he was wearing a Doreamon t-shirt but with it all bling'd up ^___^

My bow that is wonderful. Which was done by Michiko

This is Michiko on the left

Everyone together

Asuka breaking some moves out

It was her b-day. Doesn't she look so pretty

She didn't like the other picture so she wanted another one.

God what a wonderful face sensei :/ lmao
He had a few too many to drink XD

Cigar time

Cheers to good times!
The walls in the bar

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