Monday, September 10, 2007

Brazlian Festival

So I just wrote this huge post, and my internet goes all screwy on me and I lose it all. So time to re-write it. I wanna sleep :/
Saturday was a lazy morning in my house. My roommates and I all just cleaned the house a bit and sat around watching tv and drinking. I was tired from the night before. I had dance until midnight. Later on the day we all went to Yoyogi park for a festival. The Brazilian festival. I haven't seen that many foreigners in a long time in one spot. There was a lot of them.
I met up with some co-workers there and had some drinks and food. It was a great time. Dancing and drinking is the best. I also got to go to a street live too, and met up with Chelsea and friends too :)
A few people had to head out early, but I stayed till 7, but had to leave to go to my dance class at 7:30. It was house dance this time. :/ I am really not good at house... I sorta hate house dance, I am awful at it, I can not move my feet that fast. It's impossible. But I made it through the 3 hour lesson and got ready for our next practice. We all headed to Gaienmae again for practice and it went to 7am. I think everyone was really tired. I know I was. House takes so much energy. But we made it through the night. My dancing wasn't that great b/c I was tired :/
But now I have bruises all over me from dance. You can see in the pictures below.
I finally made it home and went to bed around 8am and slept through 2 phone calls, 10 messages and my alarm. I was really tired it seems. My phone wasn't even on vibrate. But I woke up at 4pm and got cleaned up and then at 5, I relieved I was supposed to be in Shibuya for my lesson. So I booked it there and had my lesson, then back to Ikebukuro to meet up with Toshiyuki to go for dinner and then we went to the Arcade where we had a ball playing the drum game and other games. He even managed to get my some mushroom babies from the UFO. I suck at those things. I have no luck at all.

But I should go to sleep now, work in the morning and then 2 tutoring lessons and dance practice. 頑張ります!!☆★

My roommates

Street live
Festival Pictures

Doing our sexy pose XD

My camera was stolen by Craig

Very weird dancer.... :/

Dance practice...yes she is napping XD dance practice is over so now to wait for the trains

Street live...she's so cute XD I got a picture of her laughing. Her smile is cute and doesn't smile enough.

Random street pictures

Convenience stores rule japan

This place is only 30 sec from my house.

My closet...since I don't have one XD

My new shelfs... sorry messy, haven't had time to organize

My Mushroom babies from tonight

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