Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chofu Hanabi Festival

I’m back, and with a floating head…well that’s what I feels like.
You know the feeling when you are buzzed from alcohol, that’s how I feel, but didn’t even drink any alcohol. Love Canadian meds, they are a hell of a lot stronger that these wussy Japanese kinds. XD

Anyway, just got back from Chofu. I went to Chofu today to see a firework (hanabi) festival. It was amazing. Fireworks in Japan are not like ones back home. At home the fireworks would be maybe 10-15, and if you’re lucky or they are stupid and make them really slow 20 min. But here it’s over an hour long, because different companies purchased their own time slot and fireworks. There was even one grandfather who bought a time slot for his grandson and the fireworks were very beautiful. Lucky boy…rich old man.

I arrived at the station at 5 and it seemed it had two exits, and I was at the one my friends were at. So that was confusing. “Where are you?” “Across from MacDonalds” “MacDonalds???”
But we found each other and went to find a spot in the huge massive crowd of people.

Afterwards Nolly and I went food shopping XD it was actually at the booths of food lined up for miles. It was on both sides of the river too. But we bought Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Fried Potato, Fried fish on a stick XD, and drinks. It was great.
Finally went back to our seats…finding them was a bitch since no one was there to wave us over. Almost got lost in the sea of people, but I was able to see my orange umbrella and we made our way back. Lucky. I learned a new Japanese game…. The saying goes something like “ii sei no sei *number of thumbs you think will be put up*” The game is you have the people put there hands in with their thumbs showing. And you say that phrase and just as the person says a number you put your thumbs up, or not. But if you guess they right amount of numbers you can take one hand out. The last one with a hand in looses. It was amusing. I didn’t win but I didn’t loose XD

Nolly and her beer.

Yuki being cute :)

Nolly and I

I look awful :/ Head feels like a bubble.

People starting to set up.

Nolly taking a nap.

The booths set up

All our food.

Nolly, me and Claire.

It’s like we are in the wild again.

Tasty Chinese food. It’s like gyoza but bigger and round.


They even had fireworks in the shape or hearts, cats, glasses (don’t ask why), bunnies, happy faces, peace signs and planets.

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