Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dance Event

I'm reading to drop to the ground and sleep on the floor. I now know that sleep has different stages. Because when I closed my eyes for a few mins when no one was in the staff room. I felt myself jump through 2 different ... maybe 3 stages. It's weird like going down an elevator or something. But you have the part where you are just beginning to sleep, then you go to the next level where you aren't as awear of things around you. It's hard to explain XD I'll leave it at that.

But yea. Where to start.

Thursday night I went to see 'The Family' I had school during the day, and Chelsea and I went to Shimbashi right afterwards and we ate MacDonalds. I was making fun of her "Onegashimasu" and saying if funny, and we made the cashier girl laugh. We amused her.

Then we met up with Jill and we went in. Ended up buying the photoset (have an extra I plan to sell) and the pamphlet of gayness and a shirt. We went in expecting the 2nd row, and it seems that they took out the A seat to make the stage bigger, so we were front row, center!!! O.O But maybe for this musical it was too close for comfort since we seen way too many asses and guys in thongs. :/
Only in Japan would you see this kind of musical. But we seen Kotani and Takumi in a tutu, and I was in tears from laughing so hard. Had a bunch of the guys in the musical keep staring at us. But oh well. You get used to it.

Afterwards we waited around, and we got to meet Kotani and Takumi and talked with them. Even got their signature. They were really nice!

But afterwards I had to go to dance, so I rushed to Shinjuku to practice and then I went home. Friday I had work again. It was a long day. But I got to go at 2:30 for my event. Had to meet in Shibuya at 4. So I went to Tipness and got dressed there for the event.

We all met up for rehearsal, and then went to wait till it started. I was so nervous. Thanks to Niki, Jill and Chelsea for coming to see the event. Hope you had a good time!
It was an amazing time after our dance. Out dance went alright I guess. I missed a few things. But nothing big ^^; Chelsea has the video. So I have to wait for her to give it to me.
Got home early last night! XD at 1230am...lovely. Had to work today because they didn't have classes on Monday, so instead it was today.

Now I came home and did laundry, and cleaned my room, made supper and soon I have my 3 hour dance class tonight. Then everyone in the class is going out for dinner to celebrate the event.

Dance practice, wed night and a New Kitkat also Ginza is a really nice place to take wicked pictures too as you will see below.

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