Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September Rain

Wow it's been raining the last few days, and it's been raining hard some of the time. It's has been humid too for a few days. It feels like a sauna. I'm at school right now posting.

I'm back to the grind. I started back yesterday and had four classes, but they were easy classes since I was just talking to them about their summer vacations. I then left and went home just expecting to have my tutoring at night, but got an email from Arisa that we were having practice in Shinjuku at 9-12.

So I went to my tutoring and got to eat Soba for the first time. It was good. You see it has 3 levels. Once you finish one you life them up and take out your new one. On the right side it Tempura (deep fried), there was shrimp, mushroom, radish, green beans, and pumpkin. You pour the Soba soup into the bowl and add your onions and radish to mix it all together. Eating Soba is not supposed to be a quiet thing. I was told the louder your slurp the better. ^-^

Then I went home and got changed and went to Shinjuku to practice for a few hours. By the time I got home and showered it was hitting 2am. I got up at 7am (a little risky but I don't care), and now I'm at work and so tired. Tonight I have my part-time job and then afterwards they are taking me out to dinner...or they are having a party. I hope they are paying since they want to have a party for me...and don't really have the money to pay for dinner right now. :/ But I think I'm going to be a rebel and leave at 4pm today XD and go home and nap before work. I'm supposed to have dance practice tonight, so if dinner is finished before its 11 I'll go. But if it's after 11 I'm not going to go. But at least no work tomorrow.

  I'm sorry they are so dark, but it was night time XD

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