Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday the typhoon passed over us, and left me with a lot of late trains. One of my trains was late and when it came, I couldn't get on it because too many people. So I was late for work. Lovely.

But after work I had my private lesson then went home and made food. Yea new rice cooker. It's so useful. I made rice with chicken and gyoza. Then at 8 I went to Shinjuku to practice dance. Was there till 12:30. But it's amazing to go there and just watch all the other dancers. I'm still Made made ne ~ XD

But the event is in less than a week now. I have our 3 hour dance class tonight and then off for the all night dance practice again. God I'm sooo tired. I may take a hour nap when I get home from work...yea right XD haha. I always start writing then never finish when I start. But just got home from work, and all my roommates are up and about and making lunch and cleaning. I'm making rice and meat. Yum :D

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