Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In a Perfect World

While I was watching a assembly in my school, this came to me.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a perfect world...

I notices that all the students knew where they should be seated, they all found their seat quickly and no problems.

But every student didn't worry bout where everyone else was. But where they should be.

They say we should "Look at the bigger pictures of life" but at first I think we shouldn't look at the whole thing, but rather just one detailed. The one main detail and when you understand that. That is when you should start looking at the whole meaning and meaning.

It's like our world. We shouldn't be so worried about others, but rather yourself. Find yourself and once you do, then look at the rest.

If you are busy trying to remember where over 100 students have to sit, and not your own. Don't try to remember where everyone sits to find your place, but you should remember where you place is. When you get lost in the 100's, millions of people, you'll get mixed up and go to a wrong seat. Now we have the domino effect happening here.

Why can't the world be like this? Life would be sooo much easier.

But we aren't perfect beings. Far from it.

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