Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mt Takao

Hello, I'm back. Haven't been able to post in a few days. Been busy so no time to post. I'll try my best to read everyone's post and comment. But I'm sorry if I am not able since there is over 200 posts to read :/ Friday I had a day off and had to get up early to go meet with friends in Takaosanguchi. We went hiking in Takao mountains.

The changing leaves were wonderful! The colors were breath taking! But what was unexpected was the amount of people who also went to look. It was full.

We ate Grape ice cream, mochi, and pork rolls and we got stuck up on the mountain for almost 2 hours. Just waiting for the chairlift and sitting in the cold too.

All the people!

Yellow leaves.

Jamie and I looking angry

Mask aka Tengu

Color leaves are just starting to get bright.


Jamie and Lonnie

Lonnie and Ida



Up we go.

The view from halfway.

Time to ring the bell!

Grape Ice cream

These boards went down the path for a long time.

Tree Huggers!

Picnic Time at the top.

One the way down the mountain.

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