Monday, November 19, 2007

Yamanashi Adventure

Sunday I had a wicked time, even though it was tiring. I don’t know why it was tiring, since I spent most of my time in the car. But I had to get up early at 7:00am to catch the train at 8:00am.

I got confused in Shinjuku and missed two different trains I could have gotten, and then when I had to change trains in Chofu, I got confused once again. I got there, but I was 15 min late.

We all met, there was 7 of us altogether... well 6.5 since there was a baby with us. Nolly rented a car, so we were on our way after we had Mac’s for breakfast. It took us from 9:30-12:30 to get where we were going.

We went to Yamanashi Prefecture The roads were crowed. We also got lost a few times and had adventures in the back roads of the country side where the roads are not even big enough for 3 people to walk on. The ditch you could fall into was 5 feet deep water canal. After many gunya gunya roads (winding roads), high in the mountains, we made it to our first stop.

High in the Yamanashi Mountains there was a waterfall we went to look at. It was beautiful...but we have waterfalls like that by my house and not that many people go to look at them XD The leaves were all changing colors too, which made me think of home.

Our next stop was Kofu’s famous Udon restaurant. It was delicious! We had two different flavours; pumpkin and meat. I enjoyed the meat the best, but pumpkin was still really good. I never tried pumpkin when I lived at home, but here I have eaten it so many times. I’m amazed at myself, never thought I would eat it. Final stop was high in more mountains of Yamanashi. Onsen time!

Our view was amazing from our hot spring tub. It was outside and we could see Mount Fuji far in the distance. The sun set while we were relaxing and we could see all the town lights being turned out. I don’t think the cold mountain air helped my cold, but the hot water helped me relax. :)

Then we were finished, we packed up and got back in the car and were off. I slept most of the way home and a few of us were dropped off at Hachioji station where we got our trains home. It was a long trip, but a great experience. I highly recommend it to you if you visit Japan!

Ken had to make a run for it to get in the picture XD

Going up the mountain here is the view of the city.

At the waterfall in the mountains.

I love this picture of them! It’s too cute.

Everyone together.

A lot of people...weird I think.

Many souvenir shops selling stones. I didn’t buy any...

Traffic jam.

Tunnel shot.

Udon time!

Machi-chan is so cute.

The restaurant.

Our view from the hot springs. The view you can see sitting down.

The night view from the onsen...not a good picture. But you can imagine it.

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