Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 1 in Seoul, Korea

Korea Day 1:
Woke up at 9 to get my stuff ready for the trip. I left on the train around 11 and made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare.
Security was a breeze and I was through within mins.
I randomly seen a co-worker at the airport who was heading home for Christmas, and waundered through the Duty Free shops until my flight.
The flight was Asiana, and I had an Isle seat and lots of leg room to spare. There wasn't any english movies on the way, since it was a short trip, so I ended up nodding off and watching a Korean movie with English subtitles.
Dinner was a mix of chicken and Shrimp and Kimchi with rice. A roll with no taste butter, 2 pieces of sushi, small cake for dessert and orange juice and cola to drink.
I arrived in the airport at 6:10 Korean Time and was through customs and baggage by 6:40. It is a lot easier than Canadian or American Customs.
Found Susan waiting for me down the other side of the airport.
We got our bus to our hostel that took another hour on the bus, where it seems Korean people do not respect the other people on busses like Japan. They leave their ringtones on and talk loudly on the bus. Not fun when you are trying to sleep.
Got to the hotel, staying in a dorm where so far its just Sue and I. We aren't complaining.
After throwing our stuff in our room, we headed to the town and waundered through the streets looking for food.
We finally found a place that had pictures and got ourselves some Yaki Niku...aka Fried Meat.
Lovely time trying to speak what little Korean we know to order. Almost order two huge sets, but I guess they understood that we didn't need that much meat.
After dinner we went for a walk back to the hostel, after making a stop at the convience store and buying orange juice and chocolate, and confusing the guy with the korean money. We bought a cake for Christmas Day and stopped at Dunkin Donuts and bought White and Cherry Hot Chocolate.
It's Christmas eve, and I'm in a whole new world. This will be a year to remember I think.
Lunch on the flight over.
Baggage Arrival...All in Korean. New World.
I meet up with Susan after a hour of waiting, we were at the wrong sides. But we catch our bus for the Backpackers hotel.
Spend our night in our town and go for a walk to find food, but we find a monkey in a window
And some random statues...
Our first dinner is YakiNiku...aka fried meat.
We bought a cake for Christmas Day
And went to Dunkin Donuts and had some hot chocolate...which was amazing. White Hot Chocolate and Cherry Hot Chocolate.

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