Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Korea Day 2 : Christmas in Seoul

Day 2 of Holiday in Seoul
Woke up around 8:30 opened my presents from home.
As you can see I made my own little pile in the middle of the night ready for me to open on Christmas day. Now I have 5 new tops. This is a picture of the place we were staying at. Our dorm.
After I opened my gifts Sue and I ate our free breakfast of toast, butter, jam, cheese and SPAM.
Susan is not a morning person as you can see.
And I'm loving the orange juice. Had a wonderful long conversation with a couple guys about their travels around the world. Around the stations in Seoul they all had Christmas seemed like every tree was purple decorated.
Then Sue, Steven and I headed out for Seoul station to go to Seoul Tower. We were staying at Angut station.
Some pictures from our adventure of trying to find the tower. You would think you could see it since it is a tower, but there were a lot of tall buildings.
A random kids park.
Had a break since climbing all those stairs were tiring, and I needed batteries. Picked up this cute kids drink, that tasted like sugar overdose. I loved it. And at last we found it, and started climbing towards it.
Of course I had to take a picture of the vending machines. I need to take a picture of one everywhere I go...or not.
The previously highest Tower in Asia. We got lost...well not really. Being lost is when you are need to get to a place in a certain time frame. We just didn't know where we were for a few moments. We walked through Nansam Park and found an interesting Santa fountain.
At the last moment we seen there was a tram car going to the top and we decided on the cable car up to the tower since it was high in a mountain and I know I didn't want to climb up all those stairs. I'll go down, but up was a no.
There were so many people on this tram, we were all crammed in like sardines. I was lucky enough to get by a window so I could take pictures.
We arrived at the tower to find flying mesh men in the air. We got to look out of the tower to see a town of wonderful smog. Very smoggy day.
They had a shrine like building up top and random shiny globes that had math numbers on them.
We walked down from the tower, and stopped at some of the look stops.
After we wandered down to the streets we stopped in a shop for lunch and I had deep fried pork cutlet and rice.
Susan got a soup bones and meat. There was more bone in it than meat.
After lunch we tried to find our way back to the station and found ourselves the biggest shopping market in Seoul. Decided we would wait till the next day to go back, and just bought a few items and had some sweets being sold on the street.
Someone selling octopus and fish.
You could also get free hugs here.
Molasses/toffee treats. 
Funky Buildings.
After the markets we came back to the back backers, we dropped off our stuff and decided to go to Lotte World, but when we got there, it seems that everyone wanted to go to Lotte World, and we thought it would be best to leave because we lost our insanity.
Careful not to get your MANBAG stuck in the train doors.
The dancing Ice escapades, in Santa suits, singing and playing English Christmas songs, ruined our idea for skating.
and decided to take out our rage at the Lotte World Shotting Range. But 30 000 Won ($30USD)
was too much to pay for 10 rounds.
We rushed out and went to Dongdaemun Stadium for dinner was our next idea...after missing our stop we walked from that station to the next one. Found ourselves in streets upon streets of booths for shopping. Bought some souvenirs and as we made ourselves down the street we stopped in a Korean Restaurant for dinner. We decided it would be a good idea to walk and we walked 3 stations before we decided our feet were hurting a lot and we would rather take the train back to our station.
We found the Light District. And then the sewing parts district.
There was some live music...really bad live music.
I forgot to take pictures at the start, and most of the food was gone when I took pictures.
Some street stalls.
I have no clue what these are...maybe I don't want to know.
Walking home we found some interesting things.
Jesus wigs and more randomness.
Got back, bought Souju, Korean Japanese Sake but no aftertaste; and ate cake for Christmas.
There is day 2 finished. 5 more to go.

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