Thursday, January 3, 2008

Korea Day 3 : First Shabu Shabu Experience

Day 3: Korea Trip

Woke around 9 and our free breakfast and headed out around 10 to go to Myoung-dong for some shopping. We found that the market places didn't start until 6pm so we had pizza hut for for lunch and looked in some shops.
We went back to our place and took a nap, ate some cake and had a conversation with a Japanese guy.
After the nap we went down the street and went to the shops. I bought some souvenirs and Sue and I went back to Myoung-dong for more shopping. We got to the markets and bought many items.
A random tree of heads. Strange

Bought some ice cream dinner and then bought some wicked sneakers.

We had Shabu-shabu for dinner and our waitress was amazing, her name was Ooh-sung but we just liked to call her Cindy...we had no clue what to do, so she was doing everything for us.
For Shabu-shabu, here is the details you need to know for Korean Shabu-shabu. First you will get a huge pot full of something that is like water. Then they will bring you your meat, vegetables, rice, raw egg, more vegetables, salad, and noodles.

First you have to cut up your vegetables and put it in the boiling water. Next you mix some meat in the water, the water is usually really hot, so it cooks in a matter of secs.

After you finish eating your meat and vegetables you then cook the noodles. salad and some certain vegetables (like pickles) can be eating without cooking. When you finish your noodles it's rice time. With the extra juice/water in the pot, you put the rice in it, and then mix the raw egg with the rice and let it cook for a few min, and then it's ready to eat.

And proof that I was there and ate it. As Susan said, a definite posed picture XD

The waitress also gave us a orange for dessert. All this food for 8000won each. Or around 8 dollars.
After dinner we went searching for a bank and Libro book store.

We found a bank; it is called KEB. If you are in Korea go to KEB if you want to take money out of your international card.

Here I am trying to get a picture of me holding up KEB but didn't work out too well.

We also were able to find the bookstore, after a long search.
At night we came back to the hotel and relaxed with many different people while talking about how conservative Korean woman are.

A few things I've learned about Koreans...they are a lot ruder. They like to push you, and don't try to talk to you.
The Korean subway system needs to be updated. It's cheap, but it's inconvenient. The machines only take coin, and usual you don't carry a lot of coin. Train tickets cost anywhere from 1000won to 1200won. But the ticket machines only take coin and no bills.
So you have to buy your ticket from the man at the booth. If they have bill exchanger, it doesn't accept newer anything after the year 1992, it won't accept the money.
So that's day 3 in Korea. Next Random temple day with wonderful Korean ladies and monks.

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