Saturday, January 5, 2008

Korea Day 4: Temple's and Generosity

Korea Day 4: Temple's and Generosity

After sleeping in till 9...and having a roommate who had the weirdest snore. After rolling about all night, it was morning.

During the morning it was the regular meeting of the group of 6 of us. It's amazing really, we all met here and became great friends.

Finally after a long conversation and toast. We went to the palace by the hostel to find that the English tour didn't start until 11:30.

Realizing there was another shrine nearby we walked down the street, to find a shrine, with an amazing turtle shrine. We had a random monk come out and take a picture for us. We decided to investigate this shrine and went inside.

The monk motioned towards the door and we thought he wanted us to go through it, but it was locked.

We were then lead up the stares to where it seems they were having a prayer session. They let us sit down with everyone and watch as they all seemed to stand up and bow a lot. The monks were up front humming and singing, and then everyone joined in as they stood up and bowed and sat down. Repeat this continuously.

After the random lunch, we went back just in time to catch up with the English tour guide at the palace. This palace was huge! It took us an hour and a half to travel around the thing. Learned tons of information from the tour guide...and that I'm ordinary...we are ALL ordinary.

The Koreans are amazing...they have made all their houses have floor heating. JAPAN needs to start using this type of heating system. Every country needs to use this heating system. Very good idea. Very handy.

The ganster shot of everyone :D

Don't ask, I was playing around.

The kings bedroom

After the almost 2 hour tour, we went to a traditional Korean restaurant which served many types of teas. We all got a different kind of tea. I had the strawberry ice juice, and there was mulberry tea, citrus tea, a few green teas, and a weird tea that tasted like molasses and everyone took turns to help drink it. With our tea we experience eating apple sticky rice and various other kinds of sticky rice. We all went for lunch at a local Korean restaurant seems we like to eat our dessert first and then eat our real meals. But we had a bit of difficulty ordering, but the one other couple in the restaurant could speak a bit of English and helped us order our food for us.

It was break time after lunch...sitting in the common area and talking for 3 hours. It was really great getting to know all these new friends, and hearing interesting stories from their lives.

Around 6 most of us decided to make a trip to MacD's. Craving some salty goodness. I think MacDonald's is like the official world symbol. Everywhere, there is a MacDonald's. I had the cheeseburger set, which tasted just like home, and a chocolate dip cone...for only 60 cents. Go cheap food. Just a regular come was 40cents. I could live off ice cream.

The group split up after MacDonald's and Sue, Leo and I went off to City Hall to catch a Korean dance musical. It was called Spin Odyssey. Basically a group of 12 guys, who's group is called B-boy and they all can break dancing amazingly. The musical was about this sax musician who seems to have lost his groove...aka music talent and sent these four guys to find it for him. So they jumped into their space machine and went in a black hole and found themselves on Earth. So they went around challenging/fighting people (a monk, fruit street seller, child, boxer, man dressed as a woman, two baseball kids, and two police officers).

In all it was a great show, and after the end I bought the pamphlet, and got a picture with the guy who played the monk. But Korean fan girls are no where like Japanese fan girls. They push and they won't wait for you at all.

The skating rink

The boys ~

Me with one of the boys XD

It started to rain a bit on the way home, but a quick stop in at an ice cream shop, and a few train stops later, we were back at the back backers.

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