Monday, January 7, 2008

Korea Day 5: Seoul Land and Odyssey Spin

Day 5: Seoul Land and Odyssey Spin
Another restless sleep, and waking up 9 exhausted in the morning it was Breakfast and Sue and I were off. We caught the train to Seoul Grand Park Station and went to Seoul Land. This is Miniature P ark with a zoo and amusement park. Only around 6 major rides, but it was still the bomb. We went on all the roller coasters, and other rides.  Koreans like random putting faces on inanimate items. Ultra Man giant statues, and ostriches in maid outfits.   We spent over 4 hours there, ate lunch at Lotteria, had some cinnamon sticks and ice cream/sherbet balls. We had a random Korean guy who spoke perfect English come up to us and challenged us to Rock Paper Scissors in the result, the winner gets a free cinnamon stick. So we played it 4 times, and he lost all four times. Free cinnamon stick for the win.   Also had many Korean children speaking English to us, the most I've heard on my whole trip. I think it would be fun to teach English here, it seems the children are all really smart. Accents were amazing. After the park we came back to the hostel and relaxed before heading out for Gungik university area. We went clubbing. It turns out it was the 80th club night in that area.   We ended up going to a Hip Hop club and a house techno club. I left early thinking it was 1230 and it turns out it was really 3am, so after consulting my books, and looking rather confused, two foreigner guys came to my rescue, I ended up chatting with them for a while and they got my a cheap taxi home. It’s SNOWING! Look at the faces!!! Our first ride…our warm-up. But it was an extreme ride. You can ride music :D Fun House Rainbow Ice Cream Lunch Time Susan on a ride. The guy in front of her did not look like he wanted to be there at all. XD The Odyssey Boys

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