Monday, January 14, 2008

Mirror Ball Express // January 2008 Event : Shibuya Crocodile

I just got back from the event. I'm sore, and tired, but in a good way I guess. Except for the large bruise now starting to show on my knee.
But today I went to work, did my usual jobs, wrote.

There wasn't many people in the office so I told one of the teachers I was leaving early because I needed to go to our dance rehearsal. Which wasn't till later but still I needed to buy pants for the event. ;)

I left at 3 and went down to Shibuya and did some shopping ;) Bought the newest Cast Prix and Look at Star. I bought my event pants...that were just black jogging pants, and some posts.

Our rehearsal started at 5:30 and sensei didn't show up, so we just did without him. It wasn't a full house this time, guess people were busy, but I had two wonderful friends come! Thanks Jamie and Eda! Hope you had a good time.

We did our performance first. I was really nervous, but it went ok...though I did smash my knee on the ground during Araki's and my break dance part, which is bruising now. So screwed up there a bit, but I guess it could have been worse.

There was 4 groups this time, Beat Village(my group), A single singer, Girls on the Run(4 girls who sing and dance, but one had the flu and couldn't go), and my sensei's group(they have 3 main guys and two guys who just dance, and no singing). After all the groups performed there was Jan Ken game. Guess who won? Jamie with her mad skillz. But she shared her prizes with us. I now have Liar movie with Jim Carey, two new hats, and some random toys.

Off to sleep. Work in the am, then coffee with Takashi and Karaokein' it at night!
Sorry about the bad quality, I really need a new camera. This one is dead.

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