Monday, February 11, 2008

Japanese Writing and Nabe Party

I went to my friend Nolly's for the night, we bought food for Nabe and Claire and Yuki came home. Dinner was after 9, and we made miso nabe, and drank umeshu. OMG I love that stuff. I kept drinking it all night. Our night was just talking about everything. Ikemen, Canada, England, English and Japanese. The differences from our homes. And at 3am we did Japanese Calligraphy. While we were drunk. It was difficult. Had a traditional breakfast (brunch) in the morning. Fish, rice, soup, and egg. It was really good. But I don't have the time to do all that for the morning.

Nabe Party

Time to write. Nolly said we had to write our New Years Resolutions.

I was told to NOT eat the ink XD


Claire writing

Finally product! I wrote adventure and Health, Claire wrote Happiness, and Yuki wrote Laugh.

Morning Breakfast.

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