Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back in Canada

Well I'm home. 6 days since I started my travels.
I wrote this three days ago. Here I sit, on a painted wooden bench, bright colors of famous artists painted on it. Chicago Airport is not one the best airports I’ve been in. The airport has nothing much outside in the check in parts, and I am not able to check in yet.

It’s has been a long 3 days so far. I felt Osaka two days ago. That flight was long. I was lucky and unlucky in a way. I was able to get the fire exit seat. This way I was able to stretch my feet. Except behind me there was a family with two young boys who wouldn’t stop kicking the back of my seat for the first 4 hours. I was also stuck between two large men, and didn’t have much arm space.
The food wasn’t as bad as it was usually. It was still a long way from home cooked food. Our first meal was chicken and rice, with a small salad, and a small cake for dessert.

The movies were interesting I guess. I haven’t seen them before. I actually forget what I watched, so not very memorable. I was able to get short naps during the flight. Ino more than 30 mins at a time. Our last meal was breakfast, an egg and ham sandwich with cheese. Ten hours later we arrived in San Francisco, I had an hour to get myself through customs, grab my luggage, and check in myself once again. Luckily enough the plane was late, and I was able to grab some pretzels before I got on the plane.   The flight from San Francisco was late, but we took 5 hours. Once again I was unlucky being stuck by this annoying little French boy, who wouldn’t stop hitting me with his elbow, laying his head on my arm to look around the isles, kicking his feet against my legs. He wouldn’t stop screaming while watching the movie. Had no luck sleeping in this flight.   Arrived in Chicago around 740pm. Grabbed my bags, and wandered around looking for a cheap hotel, but found out that the hotels would be around 130-over 200 dollars, so I said screw that and found myself a place on the benches and had a great chat with one of the security guards. She loves Japan and we ended talking about pretty boys, Japan and Yaoi. Killed an hour of my time. She finished her shift, and I was left by myself, I curled up on the hard, flat, cold bench and tried to sleep. Each time I feel asleep I would wake up 30 mins later when the newest flight arrived and people would be getting their luggage.   Finally I had enough, around 330am I got up and went to the washroom to clean up, went to Starbucks grabbed a frappachino, apple Danish and yogurt. Well I made it through that night. After I entered security, and waited till 7pm, I found out my flight was canceled...>.< Awful isn't it. I lined up in the service line, which took over 2 hours in line, and got up and found my flight wouldn't leave till the next day. So I got a coupon that would give me a discount on the hotel. Which was still expensive. I got to my hotel room, first thing first I got a bath. My god it felt so good to have a hot bath. Then I went and got food. Quasadillas. Then watched tv for a hour and was out like a light. I woke up at 530 to catch my shuttle to the airport. Instead of going straight from Chicago to Halifax...I had to catch two more flights. I went to New York. The flight to New York was awful. We had really bad turberlance, I started feeling sick, and when it was time to get off, this old couple were beside me trying to get their coats out. "Is this your coat?" "No. Thats not my coat." "What color is your coat?" "It's black." "This is black." "That's not my coat..." It just kept going on and on. I was in a sweat b/c I felt awful, and as soon as I got out I ran for the washroom, skipped in front of the 10 people lined up, and threw up as soon as I got in the door. God that was awful. After throwing up all in my stomach I had to walk through customs again and go check in, and made my way to my gate to get my flight from NY to Halifax. Another rush to the bathroom while waiting, but after that it was fine. This flight was good, I didn't even know we were on the ground until we were there. I got out and went to get my luggage, and guess what....they lost my luggage and I still don't have it. I just called there is nothing yet.   I thought that when I arrived mom wouldn't be there because she had to work. But to my surprise mom was there. Gah I almost cried. I wouldn't let her go XD just kept hugging her. But I got a bagel from Tims. Oh I missed creme cheese. We got to the car and on the way we go. I fell asleep along the way, woke when we got home. The first thing we got when we got home was pizza. Oh yummmmmy. :D   I chat with mom for a while, but then I went to bed and here I am, 12 hours of sleep I'm awake. My luggage is god knows where. And I'm very annoyed. All my stuff is in the suitcase. I just want my stuff.

Today I have my hair apt, have to go pay 100 dollars to get my license rewed. >.< Ice cream in Ike before I left.  

My dinner In Osaka Airport Flight Meal Starbucks in Chicago. The two nights a hell. Cool walkway in Chicago FOOOOOD My hotel room view.

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