Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Day at Junior High School

Friday was work as usual. It was my last`day so took some pictures with the class I taught the most. Troublesome class though.Had tutoring, found this place where all their cd's were 10 yen. So I bought 11 of them. Even found Morning Musume, Mr Children, Arashi, Kinki Kids, and guess...Run and Gun cds from back in 2001. Later I went to a friends place for dinner. They all made food and it was wonderful. We drank and watched I Spy. Got home too late again, and had work today. I mailed my taxes, and I'm hoping I did them correct because if I did I will have money for my plane ticket back to Japan in the summer XD Went shopping with M and A in Harajuku, and bought 2 new tops.   Went to Karaoke in Shinjuku and walked around. I actually got Kleenex from a host XD and had 2 Japanese giving us a look XD I swear I wasn't trying to pick them up! They were staring, so I wasn't going to back down.     Karaoke Random 

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