Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Bonding

So I posted a bit, but on Tuesday I went up to Halifax with my Aunt and Mother. We went to the new Dartmouth Crossing. It has new stores built there, it wasn't that bad, though I was so thirsty by the end but not a single vending machine around. Big change from Japan where every street corner you can find plenty.

We went for lunch at Boston Pizza and had a wonderful southwestern quasadilla. Can you tell I like those? I always get them. Next door was Chapters. Oh how I miss English book stores. Bought 2 books for my flight back. After we went to our hotel, got checked in, and got ready to go to the Casino. Since it was a trip for me, mom gave me $20 to spend at the machines. I am soooo unlucky I was only there 30 mins and it was gone. I'm not a gambler. I know it. I have no skill in that department. XD I actually got more amusement from watching everyone around me. Just the way they acted. Old gramma's stalking out machines to use. We just had a few drinks there, omg the pina colada was like candy. DELICIOUS! I think I have found myself a new drink...though it did cost a pretty penny. ^^'   After the casino we went back to the hotel rented the newest National Treasure movies on the tv and bought the most amazing pizza we have ever had in our life times. We ordered Little Ceaser. We bought 2 med, both with stuff crust. Each had double cheese, one with onions, ham, pineapple and pepperoni; the other had pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, and green peppers. I have to say it was amazing.

The next day we went to the micmac mall had cinnabon for breakfast and shopped. I ended buying at the trip, 3 dress pants for work, 2 tops, sandles, sneakers, a sweater, and three bras and 5 pairs of panties. I wonder if La Senza ships internationally on their online site. They are too cute. Yellow and pink with sparkles. Afterwards we headed back home, Ava Rose caught a cold and wasn't feeling too good so we had to leave. But she's walking now. Only 9 months and walking. :D   Today went and visited with Becky and Jaden. That boy cracks me up. He wouldn't let me go. Said he was keeping me. My mother being an idiot. :D My aunt hiding. Mom with her slushy Me The Casino Mom and I Cinnabon!     Jaden being cute Mom Becky Jaden was playing the harmonica for us. He was putting stickers on my face. Taking a nap after all his hard work XD

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