Thursday, May 1, 2008

Totoro's House

Today was a wonderful day. Though I did have a long and awful night full of coughing, I woke up at 6am and got ready for the day. I grabbed the morning train, I was early enough to get a seat since the morning rush had not yet hit it's peak. I had to grab two trains and the 2nd was a long ride. It took me over an hour to get there, but Nolly was there to greet me. It was both of our first times to the yard sale. That's right, I went to a antique yard sale. It took us one lost way, an obaa-chan helping us out, and we were there. It was amazing. The yard sale took place in a temple/shrine area. It had mazes of booths set up, and they were even set up in the pathways to the tiny shrines. The day was gorgeous, and I found myself taking breaks under the trees in the shade.
They had so many old Japanese items, the most they had was Kimono items. I ended up finding a wonderful Obi for my Yukata (though I'm not supposed to use it with my Yukata, but my friend said it would be fine), and a fancy rope for the front of it. I also bought a tiny bunny ornament. After spending a couple hours at the yard sale, we took a walk through Machida. Stopped off in the biggest Daison store in Japan. I found proper sandals for my Yukata and only for 600en. We went down to the bus stop to catch a bus out to "Totoro's Home". What I mean is this is the place where the creators of Totoro used this park and place to create the place in the animation. The bus ride took around 20 mins, but we arrived. First we decided to go to the flower garden. So many beautiful flowers! I took a lot of pictures. Even found Totoro along the way. After walking through the garden, we went into the park close by. This park is amazing. The ponds are still growing. The flowers should be in blossom next month. The ponds are empty right now, but they will be full of flowers soon. We wandered around the park, place a Japanese game where you play Jan Ken Pon and the winner gets to go up so many stairs. We played where when you won you would go up either "chu-o-ku-re-i-to" (Chocolate), "pu-na-i-a-pu-ru" (Pineapple) and "gu-ri-ko" (Gulico). We had a lot of stairs so this killed a lot of time with us. ^^; Went to a old Japanese house and a few temples along the way. Stopped off in an art museum and had lunch at a Japanese sweet restaurant, where we ate "Andango" and "Anmitsu". Andango is just what I made up for it's name. It is balls of mochi covered in anko and we had dango with mitarashi as well. Mitarashi is made from soya sauce. Anmistu is a Japanese dessert that has been popular for many decades. It is made of small cubes of agar jelly, a white translucent jelly made from red algae or seaweed. It is usually served with Anko (bean paste) and slices of fruits. After our adventure in the park, we headed back to town where we walked around and looked in the shops. Dinner was at my favorite cheap place for ramen, chahan and gyoza. Now I took my hour ride home and got ready and went to the gym. Wow go me! I seemed to have got a burn today. I forgot lotion. I always forget lotion here. Now my chest is all burnt, my nose, and my arms. I have a lovely farmer tan now to show off. ;) sexy. Our travel starts Random Shrine we found. Scary! They had tons of these dolls everywhere! At the park We are at Totoro's Hill Me being an idiot as usual. Can you find me XD The koi are for Children's Day. People put these up for the Children. In hope that they will grow up strong. Totoro!!!! We are friends XD I made another friend along the way Yummy Yukimidaifuku - Basically strawberry ice cream wrapped in Mochi. I have a new hat...I returned it. It was too big XD So many kids ganbatte Turtle-chan! The ducks like Totoro's house too. Our break time. Yummmmmm I was ready to steal this dog from the two girls we met. He's toooo cute!! And the stairs of doom...Jan ken pon~ Haha tree huggers Old fashion Japanese house. It even has flowers growing on top now. I had to stop and feed the fish. Dinner time! And an English Sign My new Obi and shoes and rope. Totoro neko's My Bunny

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