Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beach Cottage

Sunday I went down to my aunts cottage for the night. Mom and I headed down in the afternoon. I took some cold medication before arriving and was so sleepy from it. So I took a nap. Later my aunt's family in law (who she dislikes, which is why we were there XD) came and we had a bbq and had to entertain them. We took a walk on the beach (in the rain) and chilled. Later everyone left, and my aunt and I watched a movie; "The Music Within" which was really good. Based on a true story. Though the acting could have been better. I wanted to use my lap top but forgot my power cord and this sucker only gets 10 mins if I'm lucky.
  I slept the whole night to wake up at 9am and a great humid day. Had a huge breakfast made by my uncle and went outside. We took a walk on the beach and stayed out eating watermelon. I spent 4 hours outside there. Had to got back into town get mom and we went to my other aunts place for a BBQ party. (Notice a trend XD) It was a pool party. Bunch of the family were there, and we swam and ate. I ate way too much. Played boxing on the Wii (my poor arms were killing me) and had another great time. Hours later we went back home and I stopped and got "Jumpers" movies. It wasn't that bad...but the ending sucked.

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