Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Day 1 - The Saga Starts

On Sunday I woke up early to meet with Marie and Cat at Ikebukuro station and we made out way to Muira Beach. It took us almost 2 hours. During the trip we had old men falling asleep on shoulders and we did charades using Tenimyu as the topic XD We left around 9 and arrived at around 1030. Found our way to the beach...and it was a beautiful sight. I love the beach so much. Actually have planned to go to the beach once a week this summer. To keep me sane from the heat; it just gets too hot here in Tokyo. As well to keep Becca sane as well. But anyway...we arrived and walked to find a spot on the beach. There was actually a bit of people already set up. With their tents, umbrellas, mats and my god tables and chairs. O.o; these people make beach just like home. Also the sand was HOT! Like 2nd degree burns standing on it too long. I swear I lost some skin walking to the ocean and back. Found a spot and set up things. The first thing we did was go in the water. It was heaven...well if you take away the murky color it was, the seaweed mixed with 'gomi' it was great. The water was so warm! Like a giant bath tube. I'm so used to Canadian water, which is ice cube freezing. We were there for a few hours then Lauren, Becca, Becca, and Liz showed up. We all had a great day, basking in the sun. Had random boys all over the place yelling out words in English to us. Most were soooo cute ;) And even one group of guys asked the girls with them to take a picture with us. So these two Japanese girls ran up to us and we got our picture taken with them. We made a wonderful castle....but it didn't stand a chance in the battle against the 'Tide'. Though Cat made a great effort protecting it from the tide by using her body as a blockage from the rushing water XD We left the beach when the sun was setting and headed to Jonathans for dinner. I had the 'American Club Sandwish'....I don't really believe it's a real club...for one no eggs are in it. :/ the others had pasta. It all looked delicious. I was so tired and looked out the window to relax from the conversation and saw this guy struggling to get his parachute type thing down, but after a while I mentioned to everyone and it became out entertainment for our dinner. He finally got to get it down after we had all finished our food...and that was over a hour later. He was exhausted, and as soon as he was finished he dropped down into the sand. After, Cat and Marie and I decided to crash at Becca's place for the night and go to the beach again the next day. We all arrived at her place, cleaned up. Stared in shock at the tan lines/sun burn XD but it's not that bad. I slept in the loft on the air mattress...but woke up many times in the night due to back being burnt, and my air mattress was slowly leaking air and woke up flat on the floor -.-; Man falling asleep on We have arrived! And of course....they sell Ramen there XD The pretty boys who were yelling at us... Group shot again Haha this boy has major tan lines XD I bought a green tube for the water...the best 7.50 I have spent XD Cat is getting excited because she can drink in PUBLIC!! PARTY. haha me too... The other girls show up :D We're up for a fight XD Relaxing in my tube. Relaxing in a tube too. Neat parachutes in the sky. Going to get a shot with the two Japanese girls. The shot. Nice isn't it. Turned out nice. Group shot We're off to have fun in the water XD We made a castle...but the tide was taking it out....So Cat decided to help it....didn't work out that well though ^^;; In the end it was destroyed. And sat apon playing in the water. Another group shot. Dinner time.

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