Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach Day 2 - The Saga Continues...

After a long hot night at Becca's place. We awoke in the late morning and just puttered around. We went to the shopping center near the Military base and I bought a new bathing suit. It was the best one...but I still need to lose weight...a lot more. On the way on the train we had a train where you could move the seats to arrange it on different sides. You needed to push on the back so you could have two seats facing each other. We copied these school boys and made asses of ourselves. But it was hilarious. Grabbed the train and went back to the beach. We set up camp at the same place as before with these group of boys near us. One goodness, he was just like a puppy. He would run and jump into the sand and say in a cute voice "diving!" They buried one boy and stuck a piece of wood in the lower regions ;) haha Later Cat and I had a tiny photo shoot...with her wonderful hats XD I had to head back. Work the next day. I'm taking a picture of myself And the picture I took The fun seats XD As you can see if you don't lean on it, it'll move back. Yummy bento! Some weird drink you need to hit the top to get the ball out of the way to drink it. Photo shoot time I was one really acted to out 'fancy' hats XD The boys beside us.

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