Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

On July 1st it was Canada day. BEAUTIFUL DAY!! My cousin Tanya came and picked me up in the morning and we headed down to Westville for the parade. We arrived just on time to meet the rest of the family and walked down and got a spot on the side of the road. The parade was long....too long. I remember back when I was a kid where you would get tons of candy, all we got was a sucker, apple and a pamphlet on homeless. Parades here sure suck now. But there were bands playing, and horses. So the kids liked it. After I got a ride back with Sam and them. But the thing was we couldn't all fit so Taylor sat on my lap. That boy is getting soooo big! I used to baby sit that kid and he shot up so tall now. Almost as tall as me! Grade 9. They grow up so fast. I got home got my bathing suit went out to meet everyone at Dar's to go in the pool. Swam in there for a while, went to Jill's got Jill we went to the fair where we just played a few games, ate a snow cone and went out to Ashley's in Mergamish. Went to Long Island beach. Oh it was wonderful! The water was perfect. Amazing. Spent a long time there got out, cleaned up at Ashley's place, and went to her Boyfriends family's cottage to be eaten by buys and watch $500 worth of fireworks. All in all, a great Canada day!
This is my old band I used to play with on the right. He is looking at clowns... I don't think he likes them all that much.
Yummmm Candy apple~

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