Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cottage Time

On Saturday the day after the wedding I had a funeral to go to. It was my great uncle, and I went to the funeral, and we went out to the burial, this was also where dad and papa are buried...gah I hate going there with people, because I always break down when I'm there. I can't stop the crying. Good thing I wore sunglasses. My grandma and aunt always tell me to tell them when I'm going...but I don't like going with anyone. I can just sit there and talk to dad and papa when I'm by myself. I hate letting others see my cry :/ Anyway after we had the reception and I got to see lots of family members. My uncle from Calgary even came down for it. I haven't seen him in 3 years.

Later I went down to my aunts and we had a BBQ and they got the fire pit going...though it took my uncle gas, oil and my cousins help to get it started. XD We toasted marshmallows and drank by the fire all night long. I only had one glass of wine (lucky me I was the designated driver) had to drive my cousin and aunt and uncle home late at night. But it was a great night of family.

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