Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends Visiting Japan

Everyday has been non-stop since I got home. Last Tuesday I met up with Cat and Marie and we went to Karaoke I think. ^^; That's how bad my memory is. Well we went to karaoke a few times. We ended up in Harajuku and wandered around taking photos. Took them to the tiny park and we took pictures there for fun. Later they watched my dance class. Which was crazy hard. It was insane that day too. Lock class. Wednesday Marie and I went for a Massage and I met up with Nolly for a Japanese lesson and went to dance. Thursday was work as usual...though I had a two hour paid lunch! Woho for summer holiday for the students XD Friday I met up with Marie, Cat and their friend. It was her birthday and last day in Japan. So we went to Karaoke and when she was out getting drinks we set up the karaoke with "Happy birthday" song and had a cake with candles and sang to her when she came back in. She was so happy. :D I hope she had a great time. I know we all did. Later that night we went to the pureboys radio show where it was just two of them, and the newer members. :/m But it was fun waiting with the girls. We were acting like idiots. XD After Marie and I went to have okonomiyaki, and it was my first time making it and we thought we screwed it up, but we did it!!! XD go us. At first we thought the waiter was laughing as us. Tuesday Karaoke Cat Me Our view Girls singing Mango Kitkat!!! Omg these were not bad really! Tiny park in Harajuku That dog on the left was toooo cute! his bum would waddle like a duck! kawaii! Marie Funky house Lunch on Thursday It was huge! Karaoke Friday Marie being silly. Marie looking pretty! :D Cake..yummm Birthday time! Cat aka my backup hip swirling dancer/singer Out okonomiyaki! We did it!

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