Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Itabashi Fireworks

On Saturday I woke up early to go meet my friend at the station. Marie and Cat stayed over so had to get them up. Nolly came over and she got me ready for the fireworks. Did my hair and my Yukata. She did a wonderful job. A lot better than what I could have done. Went on the train, ended up taking the express which didn't stop at the station I wanted and had to backtrack. But I finally made it to the station, was told the directions and started walking there. It was prob 41 out and I was wearing layers. Walking in that heat I was dripping sweat. Not very nice feeling at all. I walked for around 20 mins, up hill and down. Had old men and ladies commenting/staring at me in a yukata. I do not know why they get the giggles when they see foreigners in yukata's. Strange. I finally my way to the field and met up with lots of friends. It was Jamie's birthday party, and we set up our sheets on the ground and had lots of space. Not many people have arrived yet. We ate Red Velvet cake that Jamie made, it was really good. Snow cones and lots of food. Ended up playing Frisbee with some random Japanese guys. They were nice to put up with my non-Frisbee skills. ^^; The sun finally set and it was fireworks time. They were amazing. 45 mins of fireworks. It was a great show. I just love how amazing Japanese fireworks can be. Finished product Walking to the place. I had to go all they way around this pond Up a huge hill and walk past the train tracks and under down to the field. Made it. We had chocolate but it was all melted! Eda being silly XD Jamie singing into a comb XD Red Velvet Cake Kat Erin eating the melted chocolate Yukata girls I love this photo XD Cam whore unite group shot Firework pictures Fireworks video

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