Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mt Fuji Take Two

So hey, I did something I shouldn't have.... I climbed Mt Fuji again. Yes this is the 2nd time. I climbed it last year and this year, and I can tell you never again. I should have know the first time was enough. They say that you are a fool if you climb Mt. Fuji two times. I'm a fool -.-; I went with Marie and Cat. We went to Shinjuku station around 6pm on Thursday the 15th, and the bus left at 7:50. Cat and I spent our time playing Jan Ken Pon with the pointing XD we sucked at it, played "Going on a trip and I'm bringing in my suitcase..." We arrived at 5th level on Mt Fuji at 10. We started going up at 10:30pm. We had a causality going up, Marie wasn't doing well, so we left and went on a head. Sorry Marie! Cat and I kept going and going. We were actually ahead of time. But it was difficult. I almost didn't make it. If it wasn't for Cat telling me I could do it, I would have stopped. Heck I already saw the sight from the top. But I kept going. We were almost at the top as the sun was starting to rise. It was around 4:30am and we kept going and made it to the top around 6am. It was a beautiful sight. But that's enough. XD I was feeling so dead, but as we were reaching the top, and the sun was out, I was getting lots of energy. I guess the sun fuels me up XD I was running up the path lol We got tons of pictures, had an old man take out pictures, and asked a group of guys to have their picture with us XD We finally headed down and we got down in 3 hours. I was basically running down. Well I think it was less than 3 since we stopped to do a survey for Mt Fuji. Heck we got to sit down and received free water. We got back and I crashed on the ground. I slept on the ground. Everyone was sleeping on the ground. On the way up Mt Fuji you would see people sleeping everyone. In little crocks and cracks of rocks. It was hilarious. I would have laughed if I had the energy. We had a few hours before our bus would arrive so we would sleep on the ground, but there were tour groups always standing by me and yelling cheers. Later we had a Band set up outside and we had free entertainment XD We arrived home during the night. First thing was eating a bento, next was shower and then sleep. I'm still feeling a bit stiff in my legs, tomorrow's dance class is going to be brutal. XD At the bus station

  In the bus We are at the 5th station. All ready to go We met the powerrangers!!!! XD they climbed up in this outfit XD I wonder what bet they lost XD Bad picture but that's the moon and lights from all the climbers. Marie isn't happy :/ We thought this was the 8th station...but it wasn't... -.-;; Sunrise. the view was amazing! This cloud was amazing too Almost there! Traffic jam! WE DID IT!!! The view from the top! Pepsi time yea pole? XD WIth the boys XD We all had the same raincoat and pants on XD they found that hilarious. Going down The sand was so red We're in the clouds! And we made it back. heheheh So tired! Live band

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