Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Su-pa Yosakori 2008

The last couple nights have been busy I guess. Been trying to update, but either too tired to post, or no time. A few nights ago a bunch of friends ended up coming over, night after night actually people came over :D it was great to hang out with friends and have movie nights and just relax and have fun. One night we had a makeup night, ;) that was interesting. The next night was a POT Chinese version night. I really like it, and does anyone know where I can download it? ^__^ Marie and Cat stayed over and the next day we went for breakfast and then ventured down to Harajuku for a dance festival. It was amazing in Harajuku...though it was raining, and too many people. The dancing was amazing. I want to do it next year, now to find out how I can participate in it. Anyone know how to? Afterward we came back to my place, ate tortilla chips and salsa and cheese. Oh it was amazing. It's been ages since I have been able to eat it. We watched One Missed Call English version, though it's not the best. American's can't make really scary movies like Japanese people can. Lunch Time Awesome group Pictures with some of the people Ohh these guys were cute...well the one near me XD Look at the cute little girls! Aww cute

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