Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wohoo finally I have time to post. :D Friday night I went to a boat cruise with a co-worker and her friends and Liz and Adele. After work Liz and I met up and got changed in the bathroom in the store where we both struggled putting on our yukata's but finally managed to look half decent. We went to the station and while waiting for Adele we were approached by an old lady who smelt like peanut butter :/ Totally didn't understand what she was saying. But oh well. We arrived at the boat dock and after like 10 mins of like "Omg are we going to make it?" since Lilly's friends were all late. But in the end we made it. The ship was huge. It had 6 floors and all you can drink. At first I only saw beer but I found the corner with non-beer alcohol. We wandered around the ship, had a lot of people approach us because of our yukata's....turns out that there was hardly anyone wearing their yukata. It was like we were celebrities. It was amusing. Had old men and young trying to practice out their English. The typhoon was starting to move in a bit as we were out in the bay. It was windy and a bit rainy, but we were lucky the cruise ended just as it started to rain harder. After the cruise I said goodbye to Adele and Liz, they had work in the morning. I went off some people I met randomly that night in a taxi and we all went to Shibuya bar for drinking and dancing. Got home late at night and had work the next day. I was tired :/

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