Monday, November 3, 2008

‡Cupcakes and Butler Cafe‡

Hisashiburi minna!♪♪♪♪ Sorry it took me so long to update. ☆☆☆ I've been busy lately ^^ Doesn't help that I caught a chest cough :/ Ah well ^_^ Last week was little work. So I went to Shibuya and met up with a friend. We decided to go to this tiny little shop that sold cupcakes. It took us a while to find the place, it was tucked back behind all the tall buildings. But we found it only after a few minutes of searching. The cafe was like a dj style. A dj booth set up and records covering the walls. ☆☆☆ Jamie and I decided to get two kinds of cupcakes and split them, as well as a smoothie. Had the Choco mint and the Choco Banana. Both were delicious! I could have ate a lot more ^^; After we were walking by this sign and say that it was a butler cafe. So what the heck, we went in and it turned out it was foreign butlers. It was great! :D I had an amazing time, we got delicious food; a whole meal...soup, salad, sandwich, drink and dessert for under 1300en. As well as tiara's! So cute! I will be defiantly going there again! \(^O^)/
We had a bell. Oh I want one for at home...but I don't think anyone will answer it XD

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