Thursday, November 13, 2008

Living it up

Hey Everyone! I missed you all! :D I'm having a hard time catching up with posts. Everyday I have been soooo busy. And I'm not finished yet. But it's fun since I get to hang out with so many friends and do so much stuff! ^___^ Last weekend I met up with friends everyday. Well with work on Saturday my weekends are Sundays and Mondays. It's great to just relax with friends and chat. I helps with stress! ^^ Lately I've been dressing up, well a girlish kind of style ^^;; I like my hiphop/boyish style though! I can actually use make-up more now. Last year my face was so horrible I couldn't use it. Now I just have to been careful and clean my face well at night and see how it goes. Since I lost some weight now I'm feeling better about myself...though I'm still far to go. But the other night I went clubbing and on the way home I was stopped by a pretty host boy who followed me down the street trying to get me to go to his club. XDDDD I'm so busy lately. I have so many things I need to do. I need to prepare lesson plans for work. I'm behind. I need to make X-Mas cards, and start getting x-mas Gifts. Create a X-mas video for the family again. Gah so many things to do. But I can do it :D FIGHTING!
It was a classy joint. Dancing in the streets I look horrible here XD It was a long day of work then clubbing all night. The other day Jamie and I went shopping, I had to try on this awful hat XDD So many girls wear them here. excuse the awful face XD Ear mufflers of awesome Part 1 Ear Mufflers of Awesome part 2 XD  

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