Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie Extra

So the other week I went and signed up in an agency, I never expected to hear from them again. ^^;; I know I have 'high' expectations don't I? -_-; But I thought it was worth a try =) So after I signed up with the agency I went and continued my life like usual. Dance, work and sometimes sleep ^^; Then I got a phone call last week asking if I could be an extra in a movie shoot. I of course jumped at it and said yes! Who knows when I'll have this opportunity again to try this. Today was the shoot, so I had to wake up at 4am to get ready and catch my train to go Shibuya. We had to be there at 545 to get on the bus and leave at 6am. I arrived early since I didn't really know where we were supposed to meet and approached a few lonely looking foreigners and we found we were all going to the same place. We were finally all on the bus, there was at the most 20 people. All the girls were European, well one was from Taiwan, but I was the only North American. O.o;

There were tons of guys from everywhere, another Canadian who I found later is from the same Province! Small world! The first thing they did was give us breakfast, a bottle of warm green tea and a bento. Inside the bento were two onigiri's and an egg and gyoza. Welcome to Japanese thinking of breakfast. (laugh) I ate one of the onigiri, though it was a bit salty. The other one was Fish Roe, so I didn't eat it. Yuck! A little after 6 we were on the road. I never realized how close Disney Land and Odaiba is by car! I need a car badly. That will be added to my list to do this winter...get my license. I finally got to go on Rainbow bridge. I kinda crashed on the bus on the way up, snoozing in and out. We had a pit stop and finally arrived at our hotel/changing area at 845am in Chiba. We had to go in and change into our beach wear. I decided to wear jean shorts and a tank top with my bathing suit underneath it.

 We jumped back on the bus and it took us to this amazing beach down the street. I really want to go back there in the summer. The weather was amazing though! The water was warmer than the water gets back in my hometown...that was so surprising, it's snowing back home and here I'm playing in the water at the beach here in Japan.

 The movie we were extras for is called Dead Heat Virgin Road It stars Ueno Juri who was Nodame in Nodame cantabile. The scene we shot is for the end of the show, which is supposedly "Hawaii", hence all the foreigners XD. Basically all we got to do today was play. I was in the group were we were playing volleyball. We did that for almost 2 hours, and boy was I tired. At the end myself and Alec, had to walk past the camera pretending to chat to each other. It was such an amazing experience! :D Lots of fun!!! I got to see Ueno Juri, she is such a sweet person! So cute. I loved her suitcase in the scene, big blue suitcase with big yellow stars on it ^__^ I want like it. Finally we were finished, and good thing, it was getting windy and the umbrella's kept flying away. I wanted to stay longer, but it was time to go. We hopped back on the bus and went to another shooting spot...turns out they didn't need us so we got to leave. Got back to the hotel/changing area and got back into real cloths. It was so funny how out of all the people it was the guys who wanted to shower and not the girls...though it would have been nice since playing volleyball made sand fall in my hair and made it feel gross. The trip ride was quick, we got a huge bento lunch and tea again. This time it had tons of food. Fish, meat, rice etc... (^-^)b Slept on and off throughout the bus ride and now home!! This was my first time doing this kind of thing, and I really had a great time. :D I would defiantly do it again! So everyone check out Dead Heat Virgin Road alright?!! :D

Playing Beach Volleyball which was more like soccer with the boys. We had a beautiful day. Well the morning was nice :D The boys playing around I liked how this one turned out ^_^ It had started to get windy. Group Shot...well half a group shot XD Our hotel/changing area Lunch Bento

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