Monday, January 5, 2009

Ooedo Onsen

So the other day, I met up with Adele, Hannah and Liz in Shimbashi. We decided we all needed a nice day of relaxation at a Ooedo onsen. While waiting in Shimbashi, I tried this new Apple Pie Latte. I don't know why, but I got the ice version and not the hot. Not a good idea with the weather ^^ along the way I got a free small cup of coffee from Starbucks which was too bitter, but luckily Liz had a packet of sugar in her purse. But as we made our way to the twirly bird rail with a dot. It's a rail that travels over the bay and goes along Rainbow bridge. It was a fun ride. Finally we arrived at the station and walked down to the spa and got a fancy wrist band where you can charge all your items to it while you were in the onsen. I picked out this navy blue yukata, though I do like the red one, will have to try that one next. So we got in, changed into our Yukata's and spent the rest of the day getting naked and going into the onsen, getting my feet eaten by fish. This was amusing, I never had my feet feeling so smooth before. I couldn't stop laughing and sometimes they got a good chuck of my foot and scared me. Hannah had a rough time keeping her feet in the pool ^__^ We ate dinner, where I had ramen and the other girls had some weird stamina dinner and Adele had soggy tempura. We would go to the relaxation room, which was a room where you could eat and/or lay down and take a nap. We also got a massage which was not bad, but I'll stick to the place I go to in Shibuya. ^__^ But it was a great day of relaxation. Spent most of my day naked and in water. 気持ちいい~ Sakura Sour Group shot. Foot bath, Dr Fish. Random Panda men Ice cream! Yum, melon and vanilla Nap time Strawberry Ramune You walk on this...yea. No thanks. Great shot of an unawear guy going over the path of pain. Aka the foot spa area. Holding in the pain XD Our faces of laughter...or pain XD Adele and Liz relaxing behind the HUGE burning ball of fire...or the sun XD Foot spa time. Fish doctor time! Hannahs first experience with Ramune Hannah experiencing her first moment with a popular drink in Japan. Relaxation Room After Shot Blurry shot of rainbow bridge Cool shot of Tokyo tower and Rainbow Bridge

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