Sunday, March 1, 2009

Canada is Fun but cold :/

Hey everyone! I'm back home and safe, and been busy so had no time to post. I arrived at 1am two nights ago. What a flight. It took forever, but at least it was decent enough. Had to change in Vancouver and Toronto and finally home in Halifax. But we had a lot of turbulence. Which sucked for my stomach, but it stayed calm for most of the flight. My first stop when I got in Canada was Timmy's! I feel weird, in an all English environment now. It's hard to get used to again, I find myself catching myself before saying "arigatou" and speaking random Japanese words around my family and friends. I keep pointing at my nose, and I'm being way too darn polite in a non-polite society. Canadians...we are friendly, but not polite. There is a big difference. ^_^;

I'm not used to the -17 weather, in which I just walked home from the bar in. My legs were numbed and blood red from being numb for a half hour. But I'm having fun. :) I got to visit my family members the other day when I went to my cousins hockey game. My god that boy grew, he used to be to my nose and now he's taller than me!! I got to go to go to the movies and eat real popcorn. Watched 'The Uninvited' which was a bit freaky ^-^ but it was fun to hang out with Jill and Aly :D

Today I went to the gym in the morning...stupid Jet Lag makes have no sleep :/ and then after the gym went to the tanning salon. Oh it warmed me up nice and toasty :D I got my hair done too! :D After I went home and had a huge turkey dinner mom made me.

I crashed from my sugar rush that had been keeping me going the past four days while watching a movie with mom and had dreams of ghosts circling my car and me screaming at the person in the driver seat that 1. Yes I could see the damn ghosts in the mirror. 2. No I did not need to look out the window to look at them. and 3. Get the damn car out of there. Then woke. lol fun eh'

Aly and I went to Doolys and sat and had a few drinks and danced a bit. It got too crowed so we decided it was Acropole time for a nice large piece of pizza and donair sauce. ummm ummm it was delicious!


Cousins Hockey Game

Easter Egg!! My god I chose the wrong time to come home when it's almost Easter time XD

Aly and I at the bar.

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