Friday, March 13, 2009

Canada Vacation

Hey everyone, I know I have been not posting for a while. It has just been crazy since I went back in Canada. It has been non-stop lately. From Animaritime and catching a massive case of Con-silitis at Con time and getting back home and getting ready to move, it's been a fun few weeks XD But once I have time to sit down, I will update with all pictures and more. I was back home in Canada for two weeks, and it was great to see family and friends again, wish I had more time to hang out with you guys! The first 3 or so days I was Jet lag, getting up at 3am and going to be at 5pm. I was always tired at night. But then it was Con time and no time for sleep, and I caught a huge cold. It's still showing its head now too. The flight home was awful for my sinuses since they were going to explode from the air pressure. My ears are still plugged now. Today I'm back to work, and its going to be great to see all the kids again, but not fun to work with a cold. Hope it goes well. ^^;; I need to print off pictures to show everyone for next weeks class, since I had no time yesterday. Oh well ^=^ I'm jet lag now as well, stupid body waking up at 5am. I want sleep dammit!  Well it's work time!
Aly and I took a trip to the was freezing!!

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