Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dance school is closing

Shock da yo!!! SHOCK!
I just found out yesterday that my dance school is closing down. There had been a lot of complaints about noise and the police went there many times, and finally I guess they decided to close it down. After 15 years of the school being open, it's closing now. I'm so in shock. I don't know what to do now. Well look for a new dance school, which I am now, but where do I go, I want to go where my sensei's are, but there isn't one school where they all teach, and I need one that has decent prices, like I do now, all you can dance price. And location as well. I want either Shinjuku or Ikebukuro area I guess. That would be best for me. There is a school in takadanobaba, but I heard it has lots of squealing high school students. Just as I finally start to feel like I'm fitting in, they close. I feel like I just hit a new level in my dance, its getting easier for me, but its still hard, its difficult to explain. Like its still lots of work, but I'm having fun doing it, and not getting frustrated about not getting the moves. I think I have improved a lot. I can control my body better now to do the moves properly. It feels great, being able to look good doing the dance moves and not like I'm just moving my arms and legs around in random order. ^_^

But I guess it will be a good change, I get out of my sync, find new teachers to go to, learn new routins, styles, genres, techniques.... but now to find that school. So many options, but not a perfect one yet. I was to take Kento's classes for sure, and he teaches all over the places. So I have may have to join a dance school, maybe in Ikebukuro or Baba, and take one other day for Kento's classes, and pay the extra.

But I found a new place to live, and I put down my deposit. It would have been perfect location for work and for dance, but now dance is over, I guess it still works for work. It's a guesthouse, but it'll work, and the room is pretty roomy, my kind of style :)

But now back to laundry, wednesday work now starts later, and I get out later, but more sleep for me, and I can prob start biking to work on wednesdays for exercise when I move. ^^ only take 30 mins on bike or less. :) well I need clean cloths :)

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