Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muscle Pain from Dance

Hey, the sun is shining! Spring is almost here, the cherry blossoms should be opening there pedals soon. I'm excited! I'm slowly starting to feel better...well better than I was, I still get random coughing attacks, and my nose is still bleeding whenever I blow it. Ewww. I'm back to my busy schedule. Saturday I had my first day back to those classes, and it was great to see the kids again. It was so sweet they all saw me and came up and gave me big hugs. Awwwwww. I was supposed to go to a party Saturday night, but due to cold, I kept at home and rested for next day. Sunday I woke up early to go down to Yokohama to meet Marie and Araki at the station. Together we both went to the studio for dance rehersal. It was my first time doing dance in like 3 weeks, I didn't know what to be prepared for with my body condition. KENTO is amazing, I just have to say that he is AMAZING! I'm so glad to be able to dance under him, someone who is quiet famous in the dance world. He places 3rd is all Japan Dance competition. I'm lucky to be able to get to know him and the other dances, so we are like a big family. And I like how he includes everyone, when he came in the studio he was "HELLO EVERYONE!" like in the Simpsons, Abu? And afterwards he was saying I should teach everyone English here. haha ^^ But in the group there are around 17 or 18 members, and alot are so young. There are some cute boys but got to keep telling myself...NO! HIGH SCHOOL BOY! DAME! lol I had missed so much dance, so I had a lot to catch up with, so no breaks for me, when KENTO was working with other groups, I was busy learning parts I missed. The lesson went on for 3 and a half hours, but Kento was chatting afterwards and it was 4 by the time we left. Next practice is 4 hours on Friday. After practice it was already getting late, so I went home, and took a nice long shower. Well before that, I took a nice nap, beacause if I didn't I would have passed out on the floor from my spinning head O.o;
Monday I woke up early to go down to the City Hall to get my Tax Forms...they were due that day O.O! I didn't have one pay sheet from one job, so went to Ikebukuro to get it, then did my tax forms at the Gym center in Ikebukuro, while sitting having a nice Ice Cocoa. Finished them in like 20 mins! GO ME! Walked to the next station and had tutoring. Next stop was Shinjuku to meet a friend and we went for lunch! Wohooo! I ate lunch! But I didn't eat dinner :/ oh well its a start. We went to karaoke for a few hours and I had dance. I went to Mankey and Kite, both I found out are quiet popular too in the dance world. Mankey was insane! I was dripping sweat, and then went to Kite too after. 4 hours of dance O.o; again! Today is work and dance again, so 頑張ります!


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